Cryogenic Pump Repairs

VCE's state-of-the-art facility combined with our expert staff enables us to repair all cryogenic pumps on the market at competitive rates. Thanks to our extensive inventory of cryogenic transfer pumps, most pumps models can be repaired and returned within 24 hours.

Automatic Pumping Systems

We build the most reliable automated system for high pressure demand. The Veite Laser GS4000 is an automated system for filling and maintaining a high pressure storage bank at a set pressure. The system monitors minimum and maximum set points for the storage vessel to supply high pressure nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide or argon.

Fill Plant Deisgn and Installation

Veite Cryogenic has designed and installed compressed gas fill plants, and cryogenic equipment for almost 50 years. We have a reputation for high quality work with increased safety. We know how to build and maintain reliable, hard-working fill plants for oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other compressed gases.

Same Day Pump Exchange Program

Scheduling routine pump exchanges and planning ahead eliminates disasters that occur when a pump fails unexpectedly. We can send you a pump exchange for your defective pump immediately, or repair yours in 24 hours. This will eliminate your downtime and increase profits. 

Orbital Welding

VCE specializes in orbital welding. This is a very specific technique used on items that would be very difficult to weld manually, such as pipes.  This is an ideal welding technique for use on items where a strong weld is hard to achieve due to welding positions and size. Check out our services page to find out more.


A VCE contract is a great way to be sure your plant is always running efficiently and with reduced costly downtime. We can provide preventative maintenance, even if we did not design or install your equipment. Veite Cryogenics is a proud servicer of these companies:

"After almost 50 years of installing compressed gas and cryogenic equipment, we install what will work best for you."


We design, manufacture and install cryogenic and high pressure gas delivery systems. Our work is performance tested and sound, proven techniques.


Veite Cryogenic Equipment is an associate member of the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA), and has sustaining memberships in the American Welding Society (AWS).