Same Day Pump Repairs or Exchange Program


VCE’S state-of-the-art facility combined with our expert staff enables us to repair all cryogenic pumps on the market at competitive rates. Thanks to our large inventory and our cryogenic pump rebuild facility, most pump models can be repaired and returned within 24 hours after we receive the pump. More specifically, the customer exchanges the units and ships the malfunctioning pump to VCE, where it is rebuilt and the customer is charged only for materials and labor used. The program saves the customer the cost difference between the rebuild charges and a new pump purchase and minimizes down-time by eliminating on-site service calls. To repair a worn pump, you simply call VCE with a pump model, part number and serial number. Scheduling routine pump exchanges and planning ahead can also eliminate disasters that occur when a pump fails unexpectedly. We can send you a pump exchange for your defective pump immediately. This will eliminate your downtime and increase profits.